Creating Passive Income from Land

Did you know you can make money out of leasing your land for a wind turbine project? Yes, it’s absolutely possible. You can cash between $25k to $50k per year for 3 to 5 turbines. You may then ask how that is Possible.

“How this can be done?’

When determining where to place their next project, wind developers aren’t only looking at the size of your land or the wind speeds correlating to it, they are also looking for alternative ways to utilize your land. If a wind turbine is not suitable for your land, your land can be used for access roads for the project or a place to connect the project to a power grid. Below are some things you can do to get started.

  1. ZONING: Check out the zoning of your land: depends from county to county; you will have to reach out the county but most likely, your land has to be zoned for agriculture.  

2. WIND: Make sure your land  is wind friendly – meaning that you should be in an area with high wind potential. Scientists analyze data to generate specific predictions. They get this data from wind developers who installs thermometers, anemometers, and sonic equipment on towers to get accurate and precise wind data in an area – if the average wind speed on your property is high enough, you could soon be on your way to enjoying long-term income through a wind farm lease!  Even though there might be tons of information on the internet, I suggest that you visit this link to find out more information:

3. FLAT LAND: Flat areas are always preferrable: make sure your land is in a flat area and free or trees or animals or species. In other words, you should go after farm land.

Leasing your land for wind development projects can be a great source of income. The wind turbine itself would only occupy about 3% of your land. Turbines typically do not affect livestock or other farming operations in any significant way.

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