1.04 Acres Land in  YUCCA,AZ


Great Land For Sale in Yucca, Arizona


Easy living awaits you on this 1.04-acre property we have for sale in Mohave County, Arizona. This property is situated on the corner of Angel Rd in Yucca. This is a residential zoned area where you can build a house.
6.3 miles away from the property is the center of Yucca. There are tons of things to do here like camping, trekking, hiking and more. Stores, restaurants, parks and more in Yucca are also in the area.
This property is offering a variety of options such as building a house, installing a manufactured home, mobile home, or simply camping and more. Make this land yours now!
Call us now to learn more about the offer: 425-395-4527

Pricing Details:

Cash Price:$2,499
Seller Financing option also available: Please call now to discuss

Property Details:
Parcel #:  245-22-254
County: Mohave County AZ
Parcel Size: 1.04 acres
GPS Center Coordinates: 34.805050, -114.127184
GPS Coordinates (4 Corners):

34.805221, -114.127691
34.805221, -114.126659
34.804819, -114.126659
34.804822, -114.128725


Elevation: 1775 ft.
Access to Property (Dirt or Paved): Dirt
Zoning: Agricultural/ Residential
Terrain: Flat
Time limit: No Limit to build
Tax Amount: Annual property tax for 2018 is $18.22.
HOA: The County suggests to call the owner regarding this matter.
Water:  Need to drill water well
Sewer:  Need to install a septic system.
Power:  Electricity is available

Please call now for more details: (425) 395-4527

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