2.50-acres in Kern County, CA! Desert Life with Mountains Sold

  • $5,999

Settle now on this 2.50-acre property in Kern County, California. This property is nestled on a prime location in a pristine desert landscape with panoramic mountain views. The area is perfect for those who want to escape the city and settle in peace. Make this lot your oasis now. Just 12.8 miles away from this lot is Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park, perfect for hiking and discovering some wildlife. California’s Antelope Valley provides visitors with a variety of fun places in the western part of the Mojave Desert. The valley stretches over 3,000 square miles with a scenic backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains and the Tehachapi Mountains.

While in the region, you can see fighter jets, native flowers and road racing. The valley’s biggest city of Lancaster is 69 miles northeast of Los Angeles. What are you waiting for? This property is perfect for you!

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PRICING DETAILS: Cash Price: 5,999

Financing: $200 deposit, $145 per month for 48 months. Terms are flexible. Please call (425)395-4527 for more information.


Address: Rosamond, CA 93560

APN: 254-470-33-00-4

County: Kern County

State: California

Size: 2.50 Acres

GPS Center: 34.844100, -118.624200

GPS Corners: 34.844571, -118.624770 34.844571, -118.623665 34.843660, -118.623654 34.843660, -118.624770

Terrain type: Level Closest

major city:Los Angeles, CA – 1 h 23 min (77.2 miles)

Closest small town: Llano, CA – 1 h 20 min (65.8 miles)

Nearby attractions:

“Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve – 33 min (19.6 miles) Antelope Valley – 49 min (36.1 miles)

Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic Park – 1 h 12 min (57.9 miles)

Museum of Art and History – 50 min (37.4 miles)

Lancaster National Soccer Center – 58 min (43.5 miles)

Apollo Community Regional Park – 44 min (31.7 miles)

Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park – 48 min (39.2 miles)

Prime Desert Woodland Preserve – 52 min (37.6 miles)

Elizabeth Lake – 37 min (22.3 miles)”

What is the zoning of the property? Zoned A (Exclusive Agriculture).

What can be built on the property? Generally the A zone allows a home or mobilehome, accessory structure such as barns, garages, etc. and those related to ag use (horse stalls, etc.) Can we camp on the property? Camping and RV’s are not allowed outside of campgrounds. The one exception is that you may live out of an RV temporarily if you have an active building permit for a home. This is only allowed while the home is being built.

Notes on mobile homes: Mobile Homes are allowed Is the property in a flood zone and if so what needs to be done to the lot in order to build? Not in the flood zone

Gas? N

Waste? N


Rosamond, CA 93560
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For Sale
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